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We translate all types of websites: Html, Php, Json, etc.

Do you recognize the true importance of having a quality multilingual website?

Website Translation

The number of companies that use websites as a business tool is increasing, to the point that for virtually any business, no matter how small, having a website is almost essential.

With the avalanche of information and websites present on the net, it is very important to be aware of the tools and ways to have a prominent presence on the internet and be seen by customers. For this reason, in recent years, companies have begun to invest time and money in different digital marketing strategies to gain visibility and, therefore, increase their sales. The translation of web pages into other languages ​​is a great complement to such strategies.

Several studies indicate that the users prefer to shop in their own language.However, it is not enough to introduce any translation; this must be carried out by professional translators specialized in web pages and in the culture of the target country when the site in a given language is used for a specific target audience.

Some of the advantages that quality website translation offers and that are detailed in our free ebook they are:

1. Your website will be found more easily

2. Your website will be accessed by a greater number of people

3. Building a more solid image of your company

4. Increased sales

Are you looking for a free online translator to translate your company’s website or web pages?

Beware of automatic translators! They are useful in certain aspects, such as when you want to get an idea of ​​what a certain text in another language means, and as long as you do not use this translation professionally and/or for any type of personal use involving the slightest seriousness, such as for translating a CV, etc.

The problem with automatic translators is that, like computers that they are, they do not reach human abilities to understand a text and translate it without errors. They have difficulties with regard to sentence order (syntax), ambiguity, are not able to deduce possible author errors and correct them in the translation, analyze the context of the content, do not have the slightest notion of cultural differences, among so many other aspects.

Leaving something so valuable to the luck of an automatic translation site that represents your company’s main or one of the main marketing tools and, consequently, image and sales, means running a very high risk of loss of income, of generating an institutional image negative, etc.

Why hire NearU Translations’ website translation service?

1. Your website will be translated by the best professionals:

  • 100% native translators in the target language.
  • Experienced in marketing. More than translating words, they convey to the target audience the idea, sensation and image that you want to convey about your company and its products. They translate with excellence both the simple content present on the site and what is “behind” (the meta tags, descriptions, etc. that facilitate the positioning of your site on the first page of search engines: Google, Bing, etc.).
  • With mastery of the terminology used in the branch of your company.
  • Localize your website. Our native translators will ensure that the translation of your website content is generic for a broader understanding or adapted to the target country (location) of your choice. When the translation is aimed at an audience in a specific country, we select translators who are native to that country, which allows them to use all of their local cultural baggage, bringing the content of your site closer to the target audience with much more sense, clarity and precision, key characteristics for potential customers to choose your company.

2. Reduced Price

The more you hire our translation services, the lower your investment will be, thanks to our technical team and the use of IT tools that allow us to create a translation memory for each project and only charge you for the new content on your website.

3. Agile content management

The translation memory allows us to facilitate the management of the content of your website, allowing all the updates made to be translated with quality, speed and adjusted price. We were able to identify what has already been translated and what content is new.

4. We translate into the main languages

Your website can be translated into the most spoken languages ​​in the world: Portuguese, Spanish, English, French, German, Italian, Arabic, Chinese, etc.:

5. We maintain textual consistency in all works

By choosing us as a partner, in addition to providing you with the best translation of your website at an adjusted price, we also guarantee consistency in the translation of several other important contents for the expansion of your company in other frontiers:

  • Translation of newsletters
  • Translation of product catalogs
  • Ebook translation
  • Translation of posts used on social networks and blogs
  • Translation of emails
  • Video translation

6. You can choose to receive the translation in Word or directly in the code

You are the one who chooses which type of file you want to receive the translation: in Word/Excel or in the source code of your website (HTML, Php, Xml or any other format).

All of this allows us to stand out from other web and website translation companies.

What are the differences between receiving the translation in Word/Excel or directly in the code?

Direct translation in code* Translation done in Word or Excel
Agility and time saving: just upload the translated files to the server. You will have to manually enter all the content within the site, which requires a lot of time to enter and verify the content.
The translation is inserted in the corresponding place on the website. No insertion errors occur. It is quite common for insertion errors to occur, especially if you or the person responsible for this task does not know the language of the translation.
The translation respects the spaces (number of characters) in the website design. We were unable to find out if the translated content really respects the allowed space.

* More professional and safe.

What type of website does NearU Translate?

Corporate websites, institutional/governmental websites, product and service comparison websites, advertisement websites, online booking websites, personal or informational websites, blogs, e-commerce, etc.

In addition to the translation of websites and web pages, we are specialists in translating software and applications for mobile phones that generate high profitability for development companies and that are increasingly indispensable for their growth.

When we choose as multi-language translators for your software and application, we will create translation memories that will allow us to maintain consistency, reduce lead times and make the service more cost-effective, as we will only charge for new and/or updated content.

How to hire the NearU Translations website translation service?

We offer 3 fast hiring routes, which are:

  1. Online shopping platform
  2. Online form
  3. E-mail:

In all of them, you must provide all the requested data and send the content to be translated.

If you choose to contract the translation of the website through the online purchase platform, select the product “Text Translation” to receive the translation in Word or Excel or select the product “Website Translation” to receive the translation directly in the website code.

If you do not know the total number of words or if the text contains many repeated phrases, fill in the online form or contact us by email: We will apply a discount of up to 70% for repeated phrases.

Attach your text content (Word, Excel, Html, Php, etc.) to receive a quick, accurate quote tailored to your needs.

Our team is at your disposal to clarify all aspects related to a website translated with the highest quality.

NearU – Your Website Translation Company that Connects You to the Global Market

At a very competitive price, we translate your content into the language your company uses to communicate with the world.

Translation process

  • Analyze

    Understanding of requirements, languages, content and tools, glossaries and dictionaries needed. Selection of the most qualified native professionals in the required sector and definition of the project schedule.

  • Translation

    The selected translator performs the translation following the guidelines received and using the necessary tools to ensure the quality of the work.

  • Review (Recommended – Premium mode)

    The revision is carried out by another native professional, duly guided.

  • Quality Control and Delivery

    The project goes through the project coordinator, who verifies that the translation complies with the requirements requested by the client and identifies possible flaws; corrects and requests changes to the translator, ensuring the maximum quality of each project.



    NearU is a translation agency whose work is carried out by professional translators with international experience and knowledge of different cultures, native speakers in the target language and bilingual in the source language, ensuring efficiency for your projects. They strive for a natural translation adapted to the context.

    We never use automatic translation programs.

  • Personalized service

    We designate a project coordinator for each client to accompany them in all phases of the project.

  • Technical Glossaries

    We use glossaries to ensure maximum quality and conciseness.

  • Confidentiality

    We keep confidential the information of our customers, who may request a confidentiality agreement.

  • Speed

    Speed ​​throughout the entire process, from budgeting, planning, to delivery of each translation.
    This is achieved by joining our greatest strengths: a specialized team, an agile work process and technology that guarantee maximum productivity.


    Our work process includes quality control of all projects under the responsibility of the project coordinator and is achieved thanks to our technical resources and translation tools that allow us, for example, to maintain text consistency.

  • Delivery Punctuality

    We honor all deadlines, whether small projects or those with thousands of words.

We adapt to your needs


We are able to offer translations in record time thanks to our agile work methodology and tools and large number of collaborators.


We work with the main file formats (HTML, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Pdf), delivering the projects directly in the client's original document.


In addition to offering services at highly competitive prices, we operate with tools that store your content and allow you to reuse repeated phrases. We convert those repeats into big discounts!

Some of the companies using our translations:

Algumas das empresas que utilizam nossas traduções Algumas das empresas que utilizam nossas traduções