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We subtitle your video in different languages, whether short or long.

The video subtitling service corresponds to the insertion of the video in text form, usually at the bottom of the screen, synchronized with the dialogues or narration of the audiovisual content (film, program, interview, etc.) in its original version. The subtitles can be in the same language as the original audio (transcribed content) or in another language (transcribed and later translated content).


What is the purpose of inserting subtitles in a video?

The caption allows people to perfectly understand the message conveyed in the video. It is aimed at people who:

  • Do not understand the language of the original audio
  • Have hearing impairment
  • They prefer to read the subtitles in the source language, facilitating the understanding exposed by the audio and the image
  • They are also used in places where silence is required (hospitals, libraries, etc.) or in places with a lot of noise.

Video subtitling fulfills an extremely important function, which is to allow access to information and bring certain content closer to people who, otherwise, might not understand the content present in the audiovisual archive.

Features of the professional subtitling service:

  • Before a video can be subtitled, it must be transcribed. Inserting subtitles in another language, in addition to transcription, also requires prior translation of the content. At NearU, we offer all these services, delivering your perfectly subtitled video in the language of your choice
  • It is a service that requires knowledge and use of different technical resources and that is carried out by native translators and technicians specialized in this field.
  • Content is adjusted to the timing of each speech and correctly incorporated into the video
  • Delivery time depends on the size of the video

Types of videos that are often subtitled:

  • Institutional and educational videos
  • Project presentation
  • Disclosure of services
  • Informative Video
  • Interviews
  • Meetings
  • Seminars, conferences, lectures and classes
  • Documentaries
  • Advertisements
  • TV shows
  • Films
  • Series

Companies that most request the subtitling service:

  • Advertising and communication agencies
  • Companies from different sectors that intend to do business in other countries
  • Colleges

How to hire the NearU Translations subtitling service?

To contract this service, It is imperative that you send us the following files:

  • VIDEO + TRANSCRIPTION: if you want subtitles in the same language
  • VIDEO + TRANSCRIPTION + TRANSLATION, if you want subtitles in another language

We offer 3 fast hiring routes that depend on whether or not you already have the transcription and translation of the audiovisual content:

  • If your video has already been transcribed and translated:
    • Online shopping platform: in just a few seconds you will have access to the total tariff and the possibility of making the payment online (contracting the service).
      In order for us to meet the stated delivery deadline, it is essential that you send us all the files mentioned above.

Request a personalized quote for all these services (transcription + translation + subtitling) through our e-mail or form. We will send you an exact budget for subtitling and transcription and a preliminary budget for the translation, calculated per minute of audio. After the transcription is completed, we will count the total number of words present and update the budget corresponding to the translation (charged per word).

In all of them, you must inform the duration of the video.

Important considerations when hiring a subtitling service:

  1. If you have paid for a lesser amount of video time than the file you sent us, we will contact you to let you know what happened and request payment for the remaining amount before starting work. We reserve the right not to comply with the indicated delivery deadline, as it will depend on confirmation of payment of the total amount corresponding to the duration of the video.
  2. If our professionals detect that the video has been transcribed and/or translated by automatic translation programs and/or that it does not have sufficient quality, we will contact you to suggest hiring such services.

NearU – Your Online Translation Agency that Connects You to the Global Market

At a very competitive price, we can subtitle your video into the language your company uses to communicate with the world.

Translation process

  • Analyze

    Understanding of requirements, languages, content and tools, glossaries and dictionaries needed. Selection of the most qualified native professionals in the required sector and definition of the project schedule.

  • Translation

    The selected translator performs the translation following the guidelines received and using the necessary tools to ensure the quality of the work.

  • Review (Recommended – Premium mode)

    The revision is carried out by another native professional, duly guided.

  • Quality Control and Delivery

    The project goes through the project coordinator, who verifies that the translation complies with the requirements requested by the client and identifies possible flaws; corrects and requests changes to the translator, ensuring the maximum quality of each project.



    NearU is a translation agency whose work is carried out by professional translators with international experience and knowledge of different cultures, native speakers in the target language and bilingual in the source language, ensuring efficiency for your projects. They strive for a natural translation adapted to the context.

    We never use automatic translation programs.

  • Personalized service

    We designate a project coordinator for each client to accompany them in all phases of the project.

  • Technical Glossaries

    We use glossaries to ensure maximum quality and conciseness.

  • Confidentiality

    We keep confidential the information of our customers, who may request a confidentiality agreement.

  • Speed

    Speed ​​throughout the entire process, from budgeting, planning, to delivery of each translation.
    This is achieved by joining our greatest strengths: a specialized team, an agile work process and technology that guarantee maximum productivity.


    Our work process includes quality control of all projects under the responsibility of the project coordinator and is achieved thanks to our technical resources and translation tools that allow us, for example, to maintain text consistency.

  • Delivery Punctuality

    We honor all deadlines, whether small projects or those with thousands of words.

We adapt to your needs


We are able to offer subtitling in record time thanks to our methodology, agile work tools and large number of collaborators.


We work with the main file formats: SRT, SUB, SSA and TXT, among others.


Discounts for frequent customers.

Some of the companies using our translations:

Algumas das empresas que utilizam nossas traduções Algumas das empresas que utilizam nossas traduções