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Cookies Policy


Cookies are text files generated by the NearU website and transferred to your computer, being stored by browsers (“Browsers”). In general, Cookies are used to optimize your browsing experience on our website, when the level of security that you configure in your browser allows it. Whenever your browser is configured this way, we will use cookies as explained above.

The cookies used by the NearU website have the purpose of identifying the user’s browsing trends, seeking to improve and customize their future access, such as the pages visited or the links on which they click. None of the cookies used are used to run programs, nor do they allow your computer to be infected with viruses or malicious programs.

When accessing this site for the first time, you will be informed via a text notice (“discharge of responsibility”) regarding the use of cookies on the NearU site.

Even when your browser is configured to allow the installation of cookies, but you want to delete the installed cookies and prevent the storage of new cookies, you can do it immediately and without any impediment, deactivating this function in your browser and erasing all cookies. already implemented.

Therefore, we recommend that you configure your browser with the desired security level before browsing our website on all the computers and devices you wish to use.


The cookies used on the NearU website comply with legal requirements and are classified in the following categories:


They are those cookies that allow you to browse the website and use essential functions, such as secure areas, for example. These cookies do not store any information about you that can be used in communication actions of products or services or to remember the pages browsed on the website.

What do we use them for:

  • Identify you as a registered user at
  • Recall the information that you previously entered in any order form to complete forms in advance.
  • Make sure you connect to the correct service on our website when we make changes to the way it works.


The “income” cookies collect information about how you use our website, for example, what pages you visit, if you have errors, errors in the forms, etc. These cookies do not collect any information that can identify you. All the information collected is encrypted, anonymous and is only used to help improve the way our website works, understand what interests our users and measure the effectiveness of our communication.

What do we use them for:

  • Provide statistics on how our site is used.
  • Check the efficiency of our communication, do not use this information to target ads when you visit other sites.
  • Provide information to our members that one of our visitors has also visited your site. This allows our members to improve their sites, but we do not allow them to use this information for commercial or advertising purposes.
  • To help improve our website by mediating the errors that may eventually occur.
  • Make improvements and improvements on our website as a result of the browsing behavior of our users.


The “functionality” cookies are used to provide services or remember browsing settings in order to improve your visit.

What do we use them for:

  • Remember from time to time if we have already asked you if you want to complete a survey so that we don’t have to ask you again and again.
  • Occasional live chats for support.
  • Share information with partners so that eventually NearU can offer our services or products. The shared information can only be used to provide the service, product or function and not for any other purpose.


The “objective” cookies are linked to services provided by third parties, such as, for example, “I like” buttons and “Share” buttons contained on websites other than the NearU website. The third party provides these services to recognize that it has visited our website, but in no way is it confused with NearU.


In general, the setting to disable cookies is present in the “options” or “preferences” menu of your browser. To learn more, consult your browser’s help options. Below you will find some links to the most popular browsers:

The cookies used by the website are safe and necessary for the correct use of the tools and options offered by the website. If you choose not to accept and/or execute them, the behavior of some of these tools and some of the devices offered may compromise their functions during your visit.


It is important that Internet Users consult the Conditions for the Use of Cookies on all the websites they eventually browse, always seeking to inform themselves about how they will receive and treat their information.