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We deliver your translated text ready to be published

Our proofreading services are divided into two modalities:

  • proofreading
  • translated text proofreading

Translated text proofreading

This is because they require a different work process, dedication time and difficulty.

What is Translated Text Proofreading?

Stands for revision of the final translated text, making use of the source text for comparison and identification of possible errors in translation, style, meaning, etc.

The text may have been translated by our professionals or by third parties. It must be fluid, very well written, of high quality and never have been performed by automatic translators or by people who are not native speakers and/or fluent in the target language.

Why is it important to hire NearU’s translated text review service?

  • For texts that will be published, sent to clients and that require the highest quality, it is always recommended to hire the PREMIUM translation, which includes both the translation and the complete revision carried out by two different specialized professionals. The proofreader will detect any errors that may have been made by the translator (spelling, grammar, style and also translation).
  • This type of proofreading is more complete than text proofreading, since when comparing the translation with the original text, the proofreader, in addition to being able to identify spelling, grammatical and style errors, is also able to identify problems in the translation and any aspect present in the original document.
  • Precise communication conveys confidence and professionalism in any business and can mean your great competitive advantage and result in success when your potential customer opts for your product.
  • Our professional NATIVE translators specializing in proofreading identify any errors present in your translation, correct them and reformulate the text, always maintaining the author’s style. They carry out the highest quality spelling, grammar, linguistic and terminological review. They are under the guidance of a project coordinator who reports to the account manager, who, in turn, is in contact with the client to clarify any type of doubt.

In this context, professional proofreading plays a fundamental role in providing the highest quality to your text, whether at a national or international level. For this reason, in addition to translations, we also offer you our specialized service to proofread translated texts of any type of document.

What documents can we review for your company?

We are experts in simple and technical textual revision of the most diverse types of documents:

  • Review of Presentations
  • Catalog Review
  • Review of Magazines
  • Brochure Review
  • Review of Scientific Articles
  • Proofreading of various texts for your company: promotional material, letters, emails, CVs, human resources manuals, presentation letters, minutes.
  • Contract Review
  • Report Review
  • Review of Labels and Packaging
  • Review of Installation and Maintenance Manuals
  • Review of Human Resources Manuals
  • Review of Commercial Proposals
  • Review of Safety Standards
  • Review of Engineering Processes
  • Content review of websites, software, applications
  • Audiovisual content review

This is a professional text correction service, carried out by proofreaders with extensive experience in the structure of each of these documents and in the most diverse sectors:

Marketing, advertising, finance, economics, information technology and telecommunications, technology, human resources, energy, transport and logistics, tourism, food, construction, automotive, metallurgy, mining, education, culture, pharmaceuticals and health, government

How can I hire NearU Translations’ translated text correction service?

We offer 3 fast hiring routes, which are:

  1. Online shopping platform
  2. Online form
  3. E-mail:

In all of them, you must provide all the requested data and send the content to be translated.

If you know the total number of words present in the text to be revised, you can contract this service quickly through our online purchase platform, where in just a few seconds you can check the total rate and make the payment.

If your text is in a format that does not allow you to know the number of words or if it contains many repeated phrases, fill in the online form or contact us by email: We will apply a discount of up to 70% for repeated phrases. Attach your text content (Word, Excel, Html, Php, etc.) to receive a quick, accurate quote tailored to your needs.

We selected our best translated text proofreader for your project.

Important considerations when hiring any type of translated text proofreading service:

1. We only accept to review quality documents. We do not proofread, for example, translations made by computer programs and/or by people who are not native speakers and/or fluent in the language of the text to be proofread.

2. If our translators detect that the text has been translated by automatic translation programs and/or that it is not of sufficient quality, we will contact you to suggest hiring a translation service. In this case, the customer may choose to pay the service difference or receive a refund of the amount paid for the revision.

NearU – Your Online Translation Agency that Connects You to the Global Market

Translation process

  • Analyze

    Understanding of requirements, languages, content and tools, glossaries and dictionaries needed. Selection of the most qualified native professionals in the required sector and definition of the project schedule.

  • Translation

    The selected translator performs the translation following the guidelines received and using the necessary tools to ensure the quality of the work.

  • Review (Recommended – Premium mode)

    The revision is carried out by another native professional, duly guided.

  • Quality Control and Delivery

    The project goes through the project coordinator, who verifies that the translation complies with the requirements requested by the client and identifies possible flaws; corrects and requests changes to the translator, ensuring the maximum quality of each project.



    NearU is a translation agency whose work is carried out by professional translators with international experience and knowledge of different cultures, native speakers in the target language and bilingual in the source language, ensuring efficiency for your projects. They strive for a natural translation adapted to the context.

    We never use automatic translation programs.

  • Personalized service

    We designate a project coordinator for each client to accompany them in all phases of the project.

  • Technical Glossaries

    We use glossaries to ensure maximum quality and conciseness.

  • Confidentiality

    We keep confidential the information of our customers, who may request a confidentiality agreement.

  • Speed

    Speed ​​throughout the entire process, from budgeting, planning, to delivery of each translation.
    This is achieved by joining our greatest strengths: a specialized team, an agile work process and technology that guarantee maximum productivity.


    Our work process includes quality control of all projects under the responsibility of the project coordinator and is achieved thanks to our technical resources and translation tools that allow us, for example, to maintain text consistency.

  • Delivery Punctuality

    We honor all deadlines, whether small projects or those with thousands of words.

We adapt to your needs


We are able to offer proofreading in record time thanks to our methodology, agile work tools and large number of collaborators.


We work with all major file formats (HTML, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, PDF), delivering the projects directly in the original document.


In addition to offering services at highly competitive prices, we operate with tools that store your content and allows the reuse of repeated sentences. We converted these repetitions in huge discounts!

Some of the companies using our translations:

Algumas das empresas que utilizam nossas traduções Algumas das empresas que utilizam nossas traduções