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Common questions


What services does NearU Translations offer?

We offer translation, revision, transcription and subtitling services:

  • Translation
  • Text translation:

    It covers the most diverse types of documents: translation of websites in Word/Excel, contracts, presentations, catalogues, manuals, commercial proposals, magazines, brochures, letters, emails, etc.

    Translation of Websites and Web Pages:

    It corresponds to the translation of websites and web pages carried out directly in the code (HTML, Php, Json files, etc.). In this way, the client only needs to upload the files to the server, without the need to search for the corresponding segments and change them one by one, which saves work time and avoids many insertion errors. Furthermore, it allows us to verify a possible incompatibility between the maximum number of characters allowed by the website design for each sentence and the corresponding translations. Once these problems are identified, our translators immediately adjust the translation and proofreading

    We classified it as another type of translation service because it requires a different, more rigorous process that requires more dedication.

    Content localization is another differential of this type of service; we adapt the translation to the culture of the country for which it is intended.

    Audiovisual Translation:

    It covers the translation of the most diverse types of audio and video: institutional videos, presentations, interviews, etc.

  • Revision
  • We review any type of document, be it a thesis, scientific publication, research article, competition, etc. Your text will undergo a grammatical, linguistic and terminological review of the highest quality and will be ready for publication.

    Review types:


    Refere-se à correção de qualquer texto original ou de uma tradução na qual o cliente não requer sua comparação com o texto do idioma de origem.

    Translated Text Review:

    It corresponds to the revision of the final translated text, making use of the source text for comparison and identification of possible errors in translation, style, meaning, etc.

  • Audio and Video Transcription
  • The transcription service corresponds to the conversion of audiovisual content into text, used for many purposes such as, for example, being used for a later translation, adaptation or also being used in judgments and arbitration, plenums and commissions, etc.

    Our transcriptions are performed by native transcribers with extensive experience in transcription.

    The client can choose between 2 types of transcription, natural and literal, and can also request the option of recording the time of each speech (subtitles).

    Natural transcription:

    It is the most common transcription, simple and adapted for reading. This type of transcription provides a clearer and more natural text, since non-relevant information is not transcribed, such as interjections, interruptions, disconnected and/or repeated sentences, as well as errors and speech defects.

    Literal transcript:

    Everything heard from the audio is transcribed (unfinished, repeated words, mistakes, sounds, etc.).

  • Subtitling
  • The subtitling service corresponds to the insertion of the video in text form, usually at the bottom of the screen, synchronized with the dialogues or narration of the audiovisual content (film, program, interview, etc. .) in its original version. The subtitles can be in the same language as the original audio (transcribed content) or in another language (transcribed and later translated content).

Notes about our services:

    • All our services are performed by native professionals specialized in different areas. We never use automatic translation programs.
    • They are managed by a project coordinator, who selects our best translators for your project and takes care of the final quality control of the same.
    • With the exception of the transcription service, all jobs are delivered in the original format sent by the client. If you need another format, please don’t hesitate to let us know.
    • For translation and transcription services, our clients can choose between two service quality levels: Premium and Professional. This allows them to hire services that meet their specific needs and pay only for what they really need.
      • Premium: the translation or transcription is carried out by 2 native professionals; the first performs the translation/transcription and the second performs a complete review of the work. It is indicated for contents with publication purposes and that require the highest quality.
      • Professional: Performed by 1 native professional. Indicated for contents that will not be published (standard projects).
  1. Revisions are carried out by a native translator specialized in proofreading, under the guidance of a project coordinator who will also be in contact with the author of the text for any kind of doubt. We only accept to review quality documents. We do not proofread, for example, translations made by computer programs.
What languages ​​do they work with?

Mainly with Spanish, English, Portuguese, German, French, Dutch and Italian. However, we have collaborators who are native speakers of several other languages. Consult us for other language pairs.

What type of customers does it serve?

We are delighted to help companies, non-governmental organizations and individuals around the world.

Could you translate my website?

Yes, and so that everything is perfect, we deliver the translation directly to your website's code. This will give you some advantages such as:

    • The translation will respect the number of characters allowed on your site.
    • It will save you the time of copying and pasting all the content to the code of your site and of correcting the possible mistakes that usually happen.
    • The translation will always be where it belongs.
    • Our native translators will ensure that the translation of your website content is generic for a broader understanding or adapted to the target country, the client’s choice.

Translating websites directly in code requires more rigorous work and for this reason an additional cost per word is added.

If you prefer, we can also deliver the translation in Word or Excel, for the same cost as document translation.

Can you keep the format of my document?

Yes, we fully respect our customers' document design and format.

How do I count the words in my document

If your document is in Word, just use the “Word Count” function. If it is in another format (printed, html, php, asp, etc.) and you know how to count the words, we are at your disposal to help you. Send us the file(s) through our form or directly by e-mail: and we will count the words for free . In addition, we will send you a free, no-obligation personalized quote.

What is the meaning of the word “location” in this market?

Localization is the process of translating a website, application or software to adapt it from a linguistic and cultural point of view to users and the product’s target market.

What is audio and video transcription?

It is the action of converting audio and video into text.

There are 2 types of transcription, natural and literal:

  • Natural transcription: it is the most common transcription and the one that provides a clearer and more natural text, since non-relevant information is not transcribed, such as interjections, interruptions and disconnected sentences.
  • Literal transcription: everything heard from the audio is transcribed (unfinished, repeated words, errors, sounds, etc.).


How are service prices calculated?

Translation and proofreading services are per words and transcription and subtitling services are calculated per minute of the audio/video. They vary according to the modality (Professional and Premium), languages, volume and delivery time of the translation.

Minimum amount to make the purchase: € 20.00 (or equivalent in another currency).

Click here to view our pricing or request a free custom quote here.

How can I get an instant quote online?

Our website has an online tool for this. Just click on Immediate quote and select the service and the corresponding fields. If you wish, you can also hire our services through this tool..

Request a quote using the online form or by email when:

  • Don’t know the total number of words
  • Wish to hire our services for several languages
  • You are in an urgent need (more than 1000 words/day for Premium translation or more than 1500 words/day for Professional translation)
  • The text contains too many repeated phrases

In this case, just fill in the form and attach the documents that would be translated (compressed, if there is more than one). To speed up the process and not have to exchange emails with our customers, please fill in as many fields as possible and in “Comments” enter all the information you consider important to receive an adjusted quote ( country of origin and destination, deadline, format of your document, etc.).

We serve in Portuguese, English and Spanish.

If you prefer, you can also contact us by the following means:

  • Brazil: +55 (48) 9 2000 5698
  • Spain: +34 91 123 27 12
  • call via skype

Office Hours: 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. - Brasilia Time, Brazil (UTC-03:00)

Is there a special price for NGOs?

Yes, we offer special discounted pricing for NGOs.


What are the service delivery times?

Our average delivery times are as follows:

Text translation

  • 1500 words per working day for Professional translation
  • 1000 words per working day for Premium translation (Translation + Proofreading)

Website Translation

  • 1200 words per working day for Professional translation
  • 800 words per working day for Premium translation (Translation + Proofreading)


  • 3000 words per working day

Translated Text Review

  • 2000 words per working day


  • 50 minutes per business day for Professional transcription and 30 minutes per business day for Premium transcription

If you need to receive the work earlier, no problem. We also do urgent jobs!


What are the payment methods?

Awe accept the following payment methods:

  • Paid Online by PayPal. Payment can be made using different types of credit cards or directly with your PayPal account.
  • Bank transfer.
  • Bank slip.
  • Consult us for other payment methods.
When do I have to pay?

Jobs are usually paid in advance.

Depending on the frequency and volume of orders, other conditions may be established that are more in line with the customer’s needs..


What ensures that I receive very high quality work?

In our DNA we have some characteristics that guarantee that all our customers receive both high quality care and service:

  1. We have extensive experience in the translation market.
  2. 100% of our services are performed by professional translators who are native speakers of the target language and experts in the source language. Our project coordinators choose the most suitable for each type of work and carry out a rigorous final quality control.
  3. If the client finds justified reasons to doubt the quality of the services we provide, we will solve the problem by sending him a new version of the work.
  4. We keep confidential the information of our customers, who may request a confidentiality agreement.