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General Terms and Conditions

Last Review: 07/17/2023

Please read the General Terms and Conditions of Services in full so that you can learn about your rights and obligations when contracting our services.

If you have any questions, please contact us at It will be a pleasure to serve you!

Before even starting to read the General Conditions for Provision of Services, learn about some of the advantages that our services offer:

    • All our services are performed by native professionals specialized in different areas. We never use automatic translation programs.
    • They are managed by a project coordinator , who selects our best professionals for your project and takes care of the final quality control of the same.
    • With the exception of the transcription service, all jobs are delivered in the original format sent by the client. If you need another format, please do not hesitate to let us know.
    • For translation and transcription services, our clients can choose between two service quality levels: Premium and Professional. This allows them to hire services that meet their specific needs and pay only for what they really need.


The translation or transcription is carried out by 2 native professionals; the first performs the translation/transcription and the second performs a complete review of the work. It is indicated for contents for publication purposes and that require the highest quality.


Performed by 1 native professional. Indicated for contents that will not be published (standard projects).

  • Revisions are carried out by a native translator specialized in proofreading, under the guidance of a project coordinator who will also be in contact with the author of the text for any kind of doubt.

1. Goal

The present General Conditions of Provision of Service apply to all orders requested from NearU Serviços Globais LTDA by the Client and constitute a legal contract commitment between the Client and NearU Translations regarding the performance of translation, proofreading, transcription and subtitling.

By completing the purchase process, you will be agreeing to these General Conditions of Provision of Service, so please read them carefully!


    • NearU Translations: Refers to the brand, as well as internal employees and authorized external contributors.
    • The Company: refers to NearU Global Services Ltd.
    • The Client: refers to the individual, company or organization that hires or pays for the service or the person authorized to represent a company, organization, etc.
    • Source Language: refers to the language in which the Source Material is written.
    • Final Language: refers to the language into which the Source Material content must be translated, resulting in a Final Material.
    • Source Material: refers to the documents, materials or other items sent to NearU Serviços Globais Ltda to perform the contracted service.
    • Final Material: refers to the final versions of the source materials provided by NearU Serviços Globais Ltda to the Client.

3. Services offered

    • Text translation
    • website translation
    • Audiovisual translation
    • Text proofreading
    • Translated text review
    • transcript

Currently, text translation, website translation, text proofreading and translated text proofreading services can be contracted online. The other services must be contracted using the form on the website or by email:

With the exception of revisions, the Company offers two levels of service quality: Premium and Professional.

– Premium: translation or transcription is performed by 2 native professionals; the first performs the translation/transcription and the second performs a complete review of the work. It is indicated for contents for publication purposes and that require the highest quality.

– Professional: Performed by 1 native professional. Indicated for content that will not be published (standard projects).

This allows Customers to contract services that meet their specific needs and only pay for what they really need.

4. Budget

The quote requested for NearU Translations services is free of charge and without commitment.

In the quote request, the customer must provide the Company with the following information:

    • Type of service you would like to receive a quote for
    • Language and country of origin
    • Language and country of destination
    • delivery time
    • TextFormat
    • Requirements for the job (type of audience the service is aimed at, style, words that should not be translated, etc.)

For regular customers who do not need to request a prior quote, in the absence of a specific quote, all requests will be made according to the previously agreed rates.

5. Prices

The unit of count for translation (text translation, website translation, audiovisual translation) and proofreading (text proofreading, translation proofing) services is the number of words in the source language. For transcription and subtitling services, the unit of count is the total number of minutes present in the file.

The prices of the services offered by the Company vary according to the type of service contracted, the modality (Premium or Professional) chosen by the Client and the delivery period (normal period or urgent delivery).

After receipt and evaluation of the Source Material, the Company reserves the right to modify prices and tariffs, as well as the estimated delivery date that has been indicated in previous quotations, in case there is any type of disagreement (number of words, etc.) in relation to the information given by the Customer.

Promotional offers cannot be combined with each other or with other discounts.

6. Hiring

NearU Translations offers 3 fast hiring routes, which are:

When the language variation is not specified by the Customer (eg Portuguese from Portugal or Brazil), the Company will assume that either type is satisfactory.

The Client is responsible for sending, preferably at the time of requesting a quote (via form or e-mail) or contracting the service (via the online platform), all Source Materials (Ex.: text that will be translated/transcribed/revision, audios/videos, specific terminology), as well as the requirements for the service, necessary so that the Company can start the work immediately after proof of payment.

If the Source Material contains names of people, places, products and these need to be translated (or transliterated) and a translation already exists, Customer must provide Company with the official translation at the time of order. If the Customer does not comply with this requirement, the Company will not be liable for such inaccuracies. The Company will charge a minimum administrative fee of €30 for corrections made after the service has been delivered (or the equivalent in other currencies).

The Client must indicate research sources, bibliography or glossaries, when available. If no such indication occurs, the Company will use available research tools, such as: glossaries, dictionaries, books, websites, etc., leaving it at its discretion to use terms that the translator deems most appropriate to the context. Technical texts must be accompanied by reference documents and/or drawings or plans that allow a better understanding of them.

If the Client requests to carry out any type of modification in relation to the content of the Source Material, he must do so as soon as possible, sending in writing all the precise indications for the correct execution of all the necessary alterations. In this case, the Company will inform the Customer of the additional cost of the project and the new delivery period. Customer will be responsible for assuming such additional costs.

7. Payment and Delivery Time

For contracting any service, prior payment of the total value of the service is required.

For regular Customers, depending on the frequency and volume of orders, other conditions may be established that are more suited to the Customer's needs (paid by invoice).

Any delay or default in payment will result in immediate payment of the full amount then due by the Customer, without prior notice or other formalities. The Company reserves the right to charge interest on the amount, calculated in accordance with the official rate of the Central Bank of Brazil in force on the date on which said payment becomes due. In all cases, the Customer shall reimburse the Company for the charges incurred in resolving the dispute.

In case of late payment, orders in progress will be suspended.

Form of payment:

  • Customers from Brazil
  • - For contracting through the online purchase platform: all payment methods available on the platform

    - For contracting through the online purchase platform: all payment methods available on the platform

  • All other Clients:
  • - For contracting through the online purchase platform: all payment methods available on the platform

    - For hiring using the form or email: Credit/Debit Card or via Paypal account or Bank Transfer for purchases whose total value exceeds €1,000.


The lead time is calculated by dividing the total number of words/minutes of the project by the number of words/minutes we translate/proofread/transcribe/subtitle per day.

Speed: It is the number of words/minutes that we are able to translate/proofread/transcribe/subtitle per working day.

Based on this number of words/minutes, it is possible to calculate the delivery time, which is the total number of days we need to complete the service.

If Customer fails to send Company all Source Materials at or shortly after purchase, Company shall not be liable for any delay in delivery.

All delivery times are calculated within the Company's business hours: from 8:00 am to 6:00 pm - Brasilia Time, Brazil (UTC-03:00).

For example: when contracting the Professional translation service of 1500 words at 20:00, if the Client has already sent the files, requirements and payment has already been confirmed, the deadline will start to be counted from 08:00 on the day next day and the translation will be delivered by 8:00 the next day.

The Company has the right to change the price and/or delivery time upon receipt and evaluation of the Source Material. The Company reserves the right to perform a word/minute count once in possession of the Source Material. The Client will be informed by the Company in case the word/minute count differs from that initially specified by the Client. In that case, the Company will not perform any service without notifying the Customer of any difference in price. The Customer will be informed by the Company of any additional charges or changes to the delivery date. The company will only start work after the Client's approval or confirmation of payment of the difference for orders whose payment is made in advance. The Company reserves the right not to start the work and/or to cancel the contracting of the service.

If the Company is unable to meet the delivery period mentioned in point 5, it will inform the Customer as soon as possible and establish another delivery period. The Customer will be entitled to a refund of 5% of the total price quoted if the delay exceeds 24 hours.

Under no circumstances will the Company be liable for delays arising from force majeure or situations not attributable to the Company, such as illness, temporary incapacity of the work team, or any facts not directly controlled by the Company, such as mail malfunctions. electronic.

8. Modifications to the General Conditions for Service Provision

The Company reserves the right to modify its General Conditions of Provision of Service at any time and without prior notice. However, it undertakes to keep the updates of the General Conditions of Service Provision accessible to the Customer through the website.

9. Applicable Law and Jurisdiction

The General Conditions for Provision of Services will be governed by Brazilian legislation. The Company and the Client, with express waiver of any other jurisdiction that may correspond to them, submit to the jurisdiction of the Courts of Garça/São Paulo (Brazil).

10. Other conditions

In case of cancellation of a purchase order by the Customer, the service already performed will be billed at 100% (one hundred percent) and the remaining canceled service will be billed at 50% (fifty percent) of the total value of the service.

If the Client finds justified reasons to doubt the quality of the services provided by the Company, he must send his complaint by email to within a maximum period of 30 calendar days. It must be accompanied by the Source Materials and those received by NearU Translations (object of dispute). The Company will send the Client a new version of the sentence/section where there was some type of justified error

After this period, the service provided will be considered correct for all purposes. The final judgment of the quality of the document will be made on the latter document, with NearU Serviços Globais LTDA remaining the sole arbiter of the pertinence of the disputes and the reimbursement decision.

In no case may the Company be held responsible or prosecuted, or even held responsible in material or moral terms for claims motivated by subtleties of style. Mainly in advertising materials, the services of NearU Serviços Globais Ltda are limited, except for express requests to the contrary, to simple translation and it is not obliged to write a text in an advertising style different from that contained in the original text. In all cases, your liability will be limited to the amount shown on the invoice.

The Company and/or its suppliers do not recognize any warranty or condition in relation to the services offered, including any and all implied warranty or condition of commerciality, suitability for a particular purpose, ownership or violation of third party rights. Under no circumstances will the Company and/or its suppliers be liable for special, indirect or consequential damages or for other damages of any nature arising from the loss of rights of use, loss of information or loss of profits, regardless of whether they result from breach of contract, negligence or other harmful actions, derived from or linked in any way to the provision of services by the Company itself.

The Company will not assume any responsibility for its services provided in case the Source Material contains inconsistencies, ambiguities, spelling errors or any other type of problem derived from initial errors committed by the Client. Verification of the technical consistency of the Source Material is the sole responsibility of the Client. The Company will do its best to correct such defects in the translation, but the Client accepts the fact that the service may not present the same nuances as the original text.

For jobs classified as Urgent, the Company reserves the right not to carry out certain stages of quality control in order to respect the deadlines proposed by the Client. The Customer accepts that this may decrease the quality of the work delivered and cannot hold the Company responsible in any way.