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Subtitling: an essential tool for reaching global audiences

Date September 19, 2023
Want to reach a global audience? Subtitling (or subtitling) is the essential tool you need! With the increasing demand for audiovisual content in different parts of the world, subtitles have become an effective way to ensure that the message is understood by people of different languages. By adding subtitles to...
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The Evolution of Translation Services over Time

Date September 8, 2023
The evolution of the translation service is fascinating and full of changes over time. Since the dawn of human communication, the need to transmit ideas and information between different languages has been a constant. The evolution of translation services closely follows the evolution of society and technology, paving the way...
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The promising future of the English translation profession in Brazil

Date August 31, 2023
With the world becoming increasingly globalized, the profession of English translator in Brazil is showing promise, opening doors to a bright future. With the increasing internationalization of business and the need for efficient communication in different languages, the demand for quality translation services is on the rise. Brazil, a country...
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Where to Hire a Portuguese to English Translator?

Date August 30, 2023
If you're looking for a Portuguese to English translator, you've come to the right place! NearU Translations is the leading company in the translation market and is ready to meet your translation needs with exceptional precision and quality. In this article, we'll explore why choosing NearU Translations is the best...
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