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What is Sworn Translation?

Sworn translation, also known as official or certified translation, is a translation performed by a sworn translator. A sworn translator is a professional authorized by the government to translate official documents, ensuring that the translation is accurate and legally valid.

traducción jurada

Are you looking for a sworn translator?

At NearU Translations, we offer high-quality and precise sworn translation services to meet your needs for translating legal and official documents. Our team of experienced translators specializes in providing certified translations that are legally recognized.

Whether it’s sworn translations for immigration purposes, legal contracts, academic transcripts, or other official documents, we have the expertise to handle various language pairs and industry-specific terminology.


Why Choose NearU Translations for Sworn Translations?

NearU offers:

  1. Professional and certified translators.
  2. Accurate and reliable translations.
  3. Fast delivery times.
  4. Data confidentiality and security.
  5. Competitive prices.
  6. Industry-specific expertise.


Contact Us for Sworn Translation Services

If you need professional sworn translation services, please contact NearU Translations today. Our team of experts will work with you to understand your needs and provide high-quality translated documents that meet legal standards.

How to Hire NearU Translations’ Sworn Translation Service?

We offer two fast hiring options, which are:

  1. Online form
  2. E-mail:

In all of them, you must provide all the requested data and send the content to be translated.

NearU, sworn translation company that puts the best sworn translators at your disposal

At a very competitive price, we translate your technical content into the language your company uses to communicate with the world.

Translation process

  • Analyze

    Understanding of requirements, languages, content and tools, glossaries and dictionaries needed. Selection of the most qualified native professionals in the required sector and definition of the project schedule.

  • Translation

    The selected translator performs the translation following the guidelines received and using the necessary tools to ensure the quality of the work.

  • Review (Recommended – Premium mode)

    The revision is carried out by another native professional, duly guided.

  • Quality Control and Delivery

    The project goes through the project coordinator, who verifies that the translation complies with the requirements requested by the client and identifies possible flaws; corrects and requests changes to the translator, ensuring the maximum quality of each project.



    NearU is a translation agency whose work is carried out by professional translators with international experience and knowledge of different cultures, native speakers in the target language and bilingual in the source language, ensuring efficiency for your projects. They strive for a natural translation adapted to the context.

    We never use automatic translation programs.

  • Personalized service

    We designate a project coordinator for each client to accompany them in all phases of the project.

  • Technical Glossaries

    We use glossaries to ensure maximum quality and conciseness.

  • Confidentiality

    We keep confidential the information of our customers, who may request a confidentiality agreement.

  • Speed

    Speed ​​throughout the entire process, from budgeting, planning, to delivery of each translation.
    This is achieved by joining our greatest strengths: a specialized team, an agile work process and technology that guarantee maximum productivity.


    Our work process includes quality control of all projects under the responsibility of the project coordinator and is achieved thanks to our technical resources and translation tools that allow us, for example, to maintain text consistency.

  • Delivery Punctuality

    We honor all deadlines, whether small projects or those with thousands of words.

We adapt to your needs


We are able to offer translations in record time thanks to our agile work methodology and tools and large number of collaborators.


We work with the main file formats (HTML, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Pdf), delivering the projects directly in the client's original document.


The more you translate your projects with us, the less you will pay! In addition to offering services at highly competitive prices, we operate with tools that store your content and allow you to reuse repeated phrases. We convert those repeats into big discounts! By choosing the quality level you need (Professional or Premium), you will be able to pay only for what you will really use and make a difference in your business. Discounts for frequent customers.

Some of the companies using our translations:

Algumas das empresas que utilizam nossas traduções Algumas das empresas que utilizam nossas traduções