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Translation to French

Do you need to translate your marketing content, contracts, websites or any other type of text into French?

We will select our best French translators to translate your text!

Traducir a francés

When requesting a quote, specify the country where the material to be translated will be used. For example: if your target audience is from French, request that the translation be done by a French translator.

Translation into French, along with English and Spanish, is one of the three most requested languages ​​at NearU Translations.

This service is required by companies in all areas, by academic professionals, in addition to individuals who need to make a sworn translation into French.


These are some of the combinations we offer for French:

  • English to French translation
  • Spanish to French translation
  • Portuguese to French translation
  • Italian to French translation
  • Russian to French translation
  • Chinese to French translation

Your text is already in French and you want to translate it into another language?

We can also help you with these translations!

NearU– Your Text Translation Company that Connects You to the Global Market


  • Analysis

    Understanding of the requirements, languages, content and needed tools, glossaries and dictionaries. Later on, the scheduling of the project is defined.

  • Translation

    We select the most qualified native translator, according to experience in the required industry. This receives the necessary guidance and tools to ensure the quality of work.

  • Revision (Recommended – Premium mode)

    The revision is carried out by another native professional, properly oriented.

  • Quality Control and Delivery

    Before delivery, all projects go through a quality control that allows us to identify and correct possible failures.

What Makes Us Different


    All translation and revision is carried out by professional native speakers of the target language, and experts in the source language.

  • Personalized service

    We assign a project coordinator for each client to take you through all the phases of the project.

  • Technical Glossaries

    We use glossaries to ensure maximum quality and conciseness.

  • Confidentiality

    We protect the confidential information of our customers, and sign non-disclosure agreements upon request.

  • Speed

    Achieved by the union of our greatest strengths; our specialized team, the use of an agile work process and technology to ensure maximum productivity


    Our work process includes quality control of all projects under the responsibility of the project coordinator and is achieved thanks to our technical resources and translation tools that allow us, for example, to maintain text consistency.

  • Punctuality

    We honor all deadlines, whether small projects or those with thousands of words.


We have the ability to offer translations in record time thanks to our methodology, agile work tools and large staff ready to get the job done right.


We work with all major file formats (HTML, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, PDF), delivering the projects directly in the original document.


In addition to offering services at highly competitive prices, we operate with tools that store your content and allows the reuse of repeated sentences. We converted these repetitions in huge discounts!