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Audiovisual Translation

Service provided by NATIVE TRANSLATORS.

Covers a wide variety of audiovisual content: institutional and educational videos, presentations, interviews, etc.

Price charged per word. The more words, the lower the price!

It is essential that you send us the transcription of the content or that you contract this service with us.

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Request a quote through the online form or by e-mail when:

- You do not know the total number of words

- You are in a hurry (more than 1000 words/day for Premium translation or 1500 words/day for Professional translation)

- You do not have the transcription of your audio/video. In this case, you have two options:

1. Hire only the transcription service at the moment.

2. Request a personalized quote for both services (transcription + translation) through our online form or e-mail. In this case, we will prepare an exact estimate of the transcription and a preliminary estimate of the translation, both calculated by minute of audio. After the transcription is completed, we will count the total number of words in the transcription and update the translation estimate.

Translation quality:

• Professional: the most economical translation, performed by 1 native translator. Suitable for internal use or for standard projects.
• Premium: performed by 2 native translators; each one is responsible for the translation and complete review of the document. Suitable for content for publication and that requires the highest quality.

Delivery deadline:

- 1500 words per working day for Professional translation

- 1000 words per working day for Premium translation (Translation + Review)

All our delivery deadlines are calculated within our business hours: 8:00 AM to 6:00 PM - Brasília, Brazil time (UTC-03:00).

For example: If you hire the Professional translation service of 1500 words at 8:00 PM, the deadline will start to be counted from 8:00 AM the next day and the translation will be delivered by 8:00 AM the day after that.